Who am I ?

I grew up in the North of the Netherlands, in a town called Sneek. I had a small sailing boat on which I enjoyed the tranquility of nature. Over time, I became fascinated with the ever changing atmosphere and especially the cloud formations that it produced. The more I learned on that subject, the more I understood that there’s so much we still don’t know. So, I decided to study meteorology and moved to a city in the middle of my country. Nine years later, I obtained my PhD in land-cloud interactions. Currently, I am working as an energy meteorologist, forecasting Europe’s energy production related to weather regimes.


Nowadays, I spend most of my free time in the forest. I have a passion for forest animals and aim to photograph at least a few species every week. Only a small fraction of the photos I make end up on platforms like Instagram, which is more related to the lack of time to edit them than the willingness to share my work. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my work!

On the search for Musk ox - Dovrjefell, Norway, June 2022